ABI Research, established in 1990, is a market intelligence company specializing in global technology markets. Our unique blend of quantitative forecasting and trend analysis helps us to quantify the important markets of today, define the strategic technologies of tomorrow, and provide insight on how technology is adopted into vertical markets.

Our clients rely on our services to uncover key market metrics and trends that are compiled through a combination of hundreds of comprehensive stakeholder interviews per year, technical intelligence from teardowns, years of collective market experience, vendor contributed data and end user research.

ACI Global is the assistance company, owned by ACI, The Italian motoring organization, serving 1 Million of Members. National leader of roadside assistance services, can boast 2 Operating Centers, with more than 200 multilingual operators handling with 1 million tickets every year, in roadside, home and health assistance, and more than 4 million calls (“inbound” and “outbound”), H24 365 days per year and a network of 1.000 roadside assistance and rescue points, throughabout 4.000 vehicles. ACI Global manages also assistance activities on behalf of Car Manufacturers, Rental Car Companies and Long Term Rental Companies.

National stakeholder of Traffic and Mobility Information services with 4 Traffic Information Centers, works in cooperation with public and private entities to provide advanced information services at local and national level through the Luceverde and Radiotraffic brands.

Recently entered the Car Sharing market in the cities of Verona, Florence and Milan with a city-tailored service based on a mixed model and through the “GírACI” brand. is an online magazine focused on the evolutionary lines of vehicles. The autonomous driving, networking, new mobility and smart cities and infrastructure: these topics are covered, along with traditional themes, by in a handy and reliable format.

Berg Insight offers premier business intelligence to the telecom industry. We produce concise reports providing key facts and strategic insights about pivotal developments in our focus areas. On a regular basis we also perform custom research assignments. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of intelligence for our customers. To date we have provided analytical services to 700 clients in 67 countries on six continents. Our customers range from many of the world’s largest mobile operators, IT companies and telecom vendors, to venture capitalists, technology start-ups and specialist consultants. Our present focus areas are wireless M2M, Location-Based Services, mobile Value-Added Services and Next Generation Technologies.

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The Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) is a non-profit business league established to facilitate the interaction, and advance the interests, of the entities involved in the vehicle communication environment. The Connected Vehicle Trade Association enables the collaboration of companies, organizations, and governmental bodies engaged in developing bidirectional vehicle communications. Membership is open to any corporation, public entities, standards and specification organizations and educational institutions.

Designs created through collaboration and a lively exchange of ideas and thinking. Leveraging our experience and following a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide effective strategic design solutions that combine creative thinking with project management tailored to each client’s requirements.

We are Milan

Our work thrives on continual stimuli. There’s no shortage of them here, in the capital of Italy’s creative industries and a world capital of fashion and design. This is where trends and styles are born, with designers anticipating and interpreting changes in people’s lifestyles, from design and fashion to photography, cuisine, tourism and business.

All this is Milan, a vibrant metropolis.
We are who we are thanks also to Milan.

Digital Magics is a venture incubator: it sets up and launches internet startups. It starts from talents and ideas, thus transforming them into successful, disruptive businesses operating in the digital economy, both in Italy and worldwide. The incubator fosters a culture of entrepreneurship and risk, thus contributing to economic growth and increasing the youth-employment rate. Digital Magics provides services targeted to foster the establishment and development of digital startups; it supports in the search of private and public investors, both Italian and foreign, to fund the next development stages.

Droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android. The idea behind droidcon is to support the Android platform and create a global network for developers and companies.

The first two droidcon conferences were organised by an international team of Android enthusiasts in Berlin and London in 2009. Since then this community driven conference format has spread around the globe rapidly. The conferences offer highclass

talks from different parts of the Android ecosystem, including core development, embedded solutions, augmented reality, business solutions and games.

Turin – Italy, 7-8 April 2016

Since 2000, HYVE Innovation Community, member of the HYVE Group, has pioneered the innovation management space with new approaches, methods, and tools. We drive Innovation Management that connects users, customers, employees, vendors, experts, suppliers, citizens and creative people in physical and virtual communities to generate commercially successful, customer-centered innovations. HYVE Innovation Community continuously enhances its Innovation Thinking capabilities to put them to practice for national and international organizations across industries. The HYVE Group has established itself as Europe’s leading innovation agency and a key player on a global level.

Our services range from open innovation consulting to the end-to-end implementation of open innovation initiatives. This includes the planning and realization of web applications, active community management, and analysis of results. We are therefore known as the leading full-service provider for open innovation communities, crowdsourcing and online contests. As part of the HYVE group, we offer an end-to-end process spanning from need identification, ideation, user experiences, business cases, and prototyping to successful market launches through seeding and customer engagement. For us, innovation does not only mean generating new ideas and concepts, but turning your ideas into successful business. As your partner, we take responsibility throughout the entire process and share both risks and success.

IEcloud is a WEB site dedicated to electronics, promoted by Inware Edizioni and designed for electronics professionals, always looking for new ideas and update ideas for their work . Fans who do not do their jobs electronics can find many articles and projects to be implemented , with varying degrees of difficulty , purchase and download them or leave them online for future access .

IEcloud is based on decades-long presence in the world of electronics magazines Fare Electronics and Firmware : thousands of articles and hundreds of magazines as well as e-books on various topics , as well as a community that allows members or registered users can access on portal to exchange ideas and comment on posts -style social .

LifeGate stands for a lifestyle where people, the planet and profit coexist in harmony. The LifeGate Group is based in Italy, where it is the leading point of reference for sustainable business development. We support a community of over four million people who engage with and inform themselves on social and environmental themes through a dense communication network. This includes websites in English and Italian, an online radio, as well as social media profiles that weekly reach millions of users worldwide. On the basis of the “People, Planet, Profit” model we offer consulting on sustainability, communication projects and energy efficiency services such as LED lighting systems, globally. In Italy, we are also a supplier of renewable energy and gas.

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) is an organization driving global technologies for smartphone-centric car connectivity solutions. The organization is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing MirrorLink®, an open standard for car-smartphone connectivity. CCC members include a majority of the world’s auto and smartphone manufacturers, along with a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors.

MirrorLink is an innovation platform that comprehensively manages underlying communications between the device and the car, freeing app developers to create an entirely new class of driver-aware apps. The standard is designed for maximum interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars and allows all players in the ecosystem to have an equal stake in the booming connected-car marketplace.

Your online resource on machine-to-machine technologies, news, views and more…

Inaugurated in April 2013, is a world-class news and resource portal of latest machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) information. is an initiative in the domain of machine-to-machine (m2m) technologies and internet of things (iot) and its applications on key Industry Verticals namely, Smart Cities, Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Electronics, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Security, Supply Chain, Telecom, Transportation, Telematics and Utility. has very high quality collection of resources and references such as; articles, case studies, white papers, videos, and interviews from across verticals of the machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) eco-system and value chain. The portal is an interactive medium for machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) stakeholders to connect through several innovative mediums like facebook, Google+, linkedin and twitter.

Snip2Code is a service that enables the user to Search, Share, and Collect the code snippets used every day in the software development tasks.

The capability to share such snippets, and to enable other users to comment on and rate them, allows the user to continuously refine and optimize his snippets without limits in a loop that is constantly improving.

WithSnip2Code you can easily preserve your examples of code and share them with your friends, colleagues, and even publish to the entire world: everyone will be aware of your skills, not to mention the huge gain that the entire software community will earn thanks to your contribution. Your bucket of code snippets will always be just one-click away with our web app:

Touring Club Italiano is a private, non-profit organization born in 1894. It’s committed to the development of tourism, leisure and hospitality as opportunities for personal and collective growth, both cultural and socio-economic, in accordance with principles and practices of sustainability and collaboration. For over 120 years it has been spreading awareness of the cultural heritage and protecting small and great wonders of Italy.
Members are both operators and users, in a continuous relationship with the territory where they live. Over 3000 Touring volunteers organize more than 500 events/year, making it possible, for instance, to visit the Quirinale Palace, official residence of the President of the Italian Republic.
In addition, to encourage responsible and conscious tourism, the association produces a large array of maps, guidebooks, books, magazines, websites and web applications, enhancement projects, contributing to the development of the country.
TCI offers its members information,advantages, discounts, services for travel, leisure and mobility.
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Wallet-E is a young Italian company in the field of Mobile Payments.

Established in 2012, we aim to provide a solution to the increasing mobility needs of businesses via an innovative payment service available on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

The partners, Andrea Costa, Roberto Premazzi and Luca Del Col Balletto, have significant experience in the field of telecommunications and in the field of payment, loyalty and access control cards. Together, they founded Wallet-E knowning that modern business practices are changing and merchants need to offer a cost effective and mobile approach to payments.

Created with passion and expertise by its founders, Wallet-E is a dynamic and flexible company that puts the customer at the centre of its business.

Wallet-E provides a solution to current and future needs as increasingly  “Money goes Mobile”.