Wednesday, October 28

2:20 pm – 6:00 pm

Automotive technology is converging with a wide variety of complementary technologies – vision, touch, speech recognition, communications and advanced mechanics, consequently creating the opportunity for new applications, new business and investment opportunities.

The session analyzes the perspectives for the most innovative services such as UBIs, car sharing, predictive parking.


Agrò bassa 1 Leandro Agrò, Digital Product Director, Design group Italia

Connected Objects are Natural Born Storytellers

The continuous conversation between man and machine in the unpredictable future of the Fog Computing and Internet of Things Era. Practical thoughts on designing smart objects that create real relationships with their users. —— 2015 is on the edge between Cloud Computing and Internet of Things era. In this stage of technology evolution, to be “connected” is the “natural state of mind” for any aspiring smart object. 

Brakensiek200 MirrorLink_200 Jörg Brakensiek , Chairman of the Technical Workgroup, Car Connectivity Consortium/Mirrorlink

Be (Auto)Mobile – Access, Connect And Deploy To Millions Of Drivers Through Their Smartphones

Connecting drivers to what matters to them in a connected world, is creating opportunities for all of us today. With implementations from major players, rolling off assembly lines as we speak, MirrorLink® has set a standard to what connected mobility can bring to drivers around the globe today.  This presents a tremendous business opportunity for mobile service providers, for whom the driver’s seat has historically been off limits. Furthermore, by utilizing a smartphones, app developers can leverage existing tools and infrastructure to rapidly develop and globally deploy services to consumers, which conform to industry guidelines on distracted driving. The objective of this presentation will be to demonstrate how automakers, app developers and handset vendors can best leverage this opportunity. The presentation will also highlight key ingredients, needed to build a successful Eco-system of mobile services, targeting the connected car and report the progress we have made.

Carbone-100 200 Matteo Carbone, Principal, Bain & Company

The Connected Insurance is here to stay

Motor insurance telematics: sensors, data, algorithms and insurance value chain

Key insights and lessons learned from international best practices

Insurance business models to deal with motor telematics

Mobility ecosystem evolution: threats and opportunity for Insurers

 Coraggio FOTO 110  200 Giulio Coraggio, Partner, DLA Piper

What risks for connected cars after the recent events? 

The session will assess the potential legal risks generated by connected cars and what approach shall be taken by manufacturers and authorities in order to minimize such risks and foster the growth of the market.

Max Croot-100 Croot Max Croot, IOT Client Director, KPN IOT

Insurance Telemetry – a Fast-Track Solution for Fast, Low-Cost Market Entry

KPN is involved in an ecosystem with key partners to deliver easy to deploy insurance telemetry solutions. The approach is to offer a modular solution with optional elements covering devices, connectivity, element management, driver scoring, underwriting and incident management. This enables any insurer to deliver a telemetry solution based on proven components with minimal integration requirements. The solutions are already being deployed by the RAC in the UK and Fairzekering in the Netherlands with combined volumes of over 1.2M systems to be deployed.

Alexander Decker-100 Decker Alexander Decker, Innovation & Special Projects Manager, T-Systems Austria

Electrifying mobility: Life is for sharing!

– What is the magical triangle and what has it to do with e-mobility?

– Optimize cost and benefit of your carpool by corporate (e-)carsharing.

– How open Innovation helps to further development our e-mobility portfolio

 pibinko_a  Giacomelli Andrea Giacomelli, free-lance GIS Engineer,

Have mapping device, will travel

The talk will propose an overview of interesting cases of geomatics applied to transportation, from early cases of web-based routing applications, and their issues in connecting islands to the mainland, to more recent “neogeography” solutions, and help us think about the value of smart mobility services from an environmental engineer’s perspective.

 puvogel100x110  Puvogel Hans-Hendrik Puvogel, COO, Parkopedia

The 21st Century Driver

– What is the connected car?
– What’s changed over the last couple years in the area of Location Based Services?
– How do you see this area evolving in the next 18 months?
– What role, if any, does monetisation play?
– What will the driver of the future want?
– How accurate is data from connected cars/driver apps? How should data be effectively collected, sanitised and used?

Johann Sailer, CIRQUENT Wien Rieger e Sailer Hans Sailer, Sales DirectorHYVE – the innovation company

Electrifying mobility: Life is for sharing!

– What is the magical triangle and what has it to do with e-mobility?

– Optimize cost and benefit of your carpool by corporate (e-)carsharing.

– How open Innovation helps to further development our e-mobility portfolio