Updated To November 10


Alexander Aurich, Resp. the team “multimedia integration”, Carmeq – Car Connectivity Consortium

Marco Bicocchi Pichi,  Presidente, ITALIA STARTUP

Mauritz Börjeson, Chief Business Development Officer, Easypark

Paola Carrea, Telematics Business Development Director,  Magneti Marelli

Massimo Cavazzini, Global UConnect – EMEA Head of Marketing and User Experience,  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Giulio Coraggio, Partner, Dla-piper

Arnaud De Meulemeester, Founder, SD-X Technologies & Services start-up

Carlo De Micheli, Head of Innovation, OSVehicle

Alessandro Ferri, Responsabile Dipartimento Mobilità e ITS, Roma Capitale Investments Foundation

Gianluigi Ferri, CEO, Innovability

Jeremy Green,  Principal Analyst, Machina Research

Thomas Hallauer, Director of Research and Marketing, Ptolemus Consulting Group

Andrea Jurkic, Project and Product Manager of Insurance Telematics, Generali Group

Bohumil Horák, Ph.D., Università di Ostrava – Rep ceca 

Sergio Natucci, Segretario Generale, RNA

Mike Parris, Head of Secure Car Division, SBD

Helmuth Ritzer, CTO, Moovel GmbH

Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

Steve Severance, Program Management Office, Masdar (United Arab Emirates)

Antonio Solinas, R&D Director, Abinsula

Jan Unander, Executive Director, Telematics Valley

Holger G. Weiss, CEO, Aupeo!

Roberto Zompi, GENIVI Director, GENIVI Alliance

Norbert Alt, Vice President Europe & South America at FEV GmbH, Aachen *

Ferdinando Cannizzo, Head of Transmission and Hybrid Systems Dept. – Director of Coni-Ferrari Olympic Program*

Günter Fraidl, Senior Vice President, AVL List GmbH*

Roberto Montanari, Responsible of Research and Development division of RE:Lab*

Joachim Taiber, Executive Research Professor, Clemson University, International Center for Automotive Research*

*Speakers from SAE Torino Group session